Tribute to 1991 Score - Randy Johnson is a Giant

Randy Johnson, San Francisco Giants
Tribute t0 1991 Score
by Goose Joak

One of the premier pitchers to ever play the game.

With this tribute card, I'm only two teams short of a fully representative tribute card lineup. The only two yet to get their own tribute card are the Twins and Nationals.


  1. Great card!

    When you get around to doing a Nats card, I think that you should do a '93 Studio card. It would be great to see your take on that one.

  2. Can you imagine if you had car troubles in a place far away from home and Randy Johnson starts walking up to your car?

  3. I vote for Kirby Puckett or Harmon Killebrew for the Twins player. Unless you are only doing current players.

    Even though you didn't ask for a vote.

  4. I did not realize that Score card of Randy Johnson from 1991 had him in a Giants uniform. Well done.

  5. Sweet...good suggestions!

    And no, I would not want to see Randy approach my broken down car far away from home.


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