Scotty Ro - Tribute to Goodwin Champions

I think the Phillies are going to clinch tonight. Padilla can't fool the Phils twice, can he?

Here's an ex-Phillie, Scott Rolen. If you're in the mood for a current Phillie, then take a look at this. I promise you won't be disappointed. Ice cream for Chooch!

Scott Rolen, Toronto Blue Jays
by Goose Joak
Tribute to 2009 Goodwin Champions

These cards are pretty cool. Here is a plain-Jane version for anyone who'd like to try and get a real autograph:


  1. You're getting close with you prediction!

    From the it's a small world department - Our partial Phillies season tickets are next to the guy who designed that Chooch Loves Ice Cream gif.

  2. Not that I'm complaining...

    But why didn't you use a Reds photo for Rolen? Your card is outdated. Rolen doesn't play for the Jays anymore. He plays for the Reds.

    Everyone hates the Reds!!!


  3. My wife isn't ready to let go of him as a Bluejay yet. Same thing happened when he was traded by St. Louis before too long I'll be "Rolen" out the Reds cards :)


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