Zack "Cy" Greinke, in a tribute to 1949 Bowman

Zack Greinke, Kansas City Royals
Tribute to 1949 Bowman
by Goose Joak

Pretty much any way you slice it, Greinke is having a season to remember. I really, really want him to win the Cy Young award.

American League Ranks:

Wins above replacement: 7.5 (1st)
Win probability added: 4.5 (1st)
Fielding independent era: 2.39 (1st)
Traditional era: 2.32 (1st)
Strikeouts per walk: 5.05 (1st)
Innings: 190 1/3 (2nd)


  1. Unfortunately the writers who vote on this award look at one stat first - wins. I think of 2002 as the best example since I am a PedroMartinezoligist. Barry Zito stole it from him that year.

    Zito FIP 3.87
    Pedro FIP 2.24

    Zito ERA: 2.75
    Pedro ERA: 2.26

    Zito K:BB 2.33
    Pedro K:BB 5.98

    Zito WPA: 3.96
    Pedro WPA: 3.79

    If it was me doing the vote, looking at the candidates side by side it's an easy call that Greinke wins this thing.

  2. Oh my goodness...I always knew Pedro was jobbed, but back then I didn't follow FIP so I had no idea how bad it was.

    You still a Pedro fan now that he's with Philly?

  3. Yea, it wasn't even close. I have not paid attention to pitchers win totals for a while now. I want to know how much (or little) they are able to dominate an opponent on any given night. Pedro and dominance went hand in hand during his prime years.


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