What is a Rivercat? What is a Saltdog?

I don't really know the answers to those questions. But here is a tribute card of Jorge De La Rosa. It's in the style of 1986 Topps. Do you think it looks ok? I had to piece the word "ROCKIES" together from other teams (RO-oyals + C-ubs + yan-K-ees+ phill-IES = ROCKIES). I think it turned out pretty decent despite the fact that some teams had wider letters than others. I did my best to even it out (well, the best I could without spending an entire day on it).

Jorge De La Rosa, Colorado Rockies
Tribute to 1986 Topps
by Goose Joak

I used to think this set was kind of ugly. Now I am experiencing a renaissance with it. I made this card after seeing a signed '86 Topps over at the always excellent Autographed Cards.


  1. I like it. Even though I'm a K-Stater, I am not fond of purple. But I still like it. I think you picked the perfect shade for the set, too.

    How about Hochevar and Olivo tonight? How come this team always "figures" it out in September, and gets our hopes up for April, only to let us down again? Gotta love the life of a Royals fan!

  2. Very nicely done! I've tried a few 1986 Topps tribute cards and I've struggled with the spacing of the players' names. It seems there's no set pattern as to how the letters in a player's name are spaced in the original set.

  3. Thanks!

    Yeah, Olivo has absolutely been on fire. He's about as streaky of a hitter as there is. Kind of like Carlos Pena without the gold glove defense or the walks.

    I totally know what you mean about the team "getting it" in September. It's just like last year. Still, I hold out false hope that good things are just around the corner. A middle healthy infield of Aviles/Callaspo would actually be pretty productive. Billy is good at 1B. I guess it's just the rest of the diamond they have to figure out. It sure would be nice to have some defense next year. They have the worst defensive efficiency ratio in the league, and they are minus 71 in fielding (+/- system) by far worst in the league.

    Jim - I noticed that as well. Not sure what software you're using, but on Photoshop I use the "tracking" option for fonts to get a nice consistent spacing. Whether it matches or not is always another matter.

  4. I think the font at the bottom is one of the "franklin" family fonts...I find those very adaptable!


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