Tribute to 1995 Special Edition - Brad Hawpe

Brad Hawpe, Colorado Rockies
Tribute to 1995 Special Edition Collector's Choice
by Goose Joak

1995 Special Edition! This is one of my all-time favorite sets -- seriously, I mean it. In addition to the cool blue border, it has some of the best parallels that existed at the time, "silver signatures" and "gold signatures."

Then again I was a Collector's Choice enthusiast. From 1995 and on, Collector's Choice was really one of the only brands I bought consistently. Well, I bought a lot of Score as well.

Speaking of the years I collected, it is interesting to see that reflected in the tribute cards for this blog. Take a look below:

1940s (1)
1950s (3)
1960s (0)
1970s (8)
1980s (12)
1990s (65)
2000s (21)

Of the 1990s, my sweet spot is 1991-1993 (42). Which is totally true -- those were my favorite years of collecting. I suppose that's why I liked Score and Collector's Choice so much. They hearkened back to that era of collecting.


  1. My local card shop actually has a few packs of '95 Collector's Choice Special Edition in their bargain bin. I probably bought about 6 packs worth, but there are still like 10 packs left.

  2. I miss Collector's Choice. They were much more affordable than regular Upper Deck.

  3. That Rockies game I went to...Hawpe went yard. I was thinking how proud the Goose would be!


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