Tribute to 1992 Pinnacle - Michael Aviles

Mike Aviles, Kansas City Royals
Tribute to 1992 Pinnacle
by Goose Joak

Mike had a great year in 2008. Hopefully he gets healthy and makes a nice return in 2010. I'm rooting for him to make the Hall of Fame someday. What can I say? I have lofty goals.


  1. This set is way underrated. Great basic design, not too flashy but modern enough. The only room for improvement might be a team logo and the player's position on the front of the card. Other than that, perfection.

  2. Agreed with the position comment.

    Also, Mike Aviles could be a very good candidate for Aaron Hill of 2010. You know the guy that was good two years ago, injured last year, and then better than he was before he got hurt. Definite sleeper value.


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