Tribute to 2009 Allen & Ginter - Kila Ka'aihue

Kila Kaaihue, Omaha Royals
Tribute to 2009 Allen & Ginter
by Goose Joak

Part of the Allen & Ginter Community Set. We're up to 80+ cards! Sadly, this is only my second in the set.

Speaking of custom card collaborations, you owe it to yourself to check out the awesome Custom Card Blog. Started by Mike of Bad Wax, it's a place where custom card makers can share their custom cards. Yours truly is now an official collaborator!

Hope you enjoy! Thanks to Will for a lot of the legwork on this card.


  1. i watched the Portland Beavers beat the Omaha Royals yesterday. It was a great game.

  2. Looks like the Sunday game was really good too. 1-0 nailbiter.


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