Contest Winner Request: Tribute to 2009 Allen & Ginter - Bob Dernier

Bob Dernier, Philadelphia Phillies
Tribute to 2009 Allen & Ginter
by Goose Joak

This card for was a lot of fun to do. This one was requested by Jim, who blogs about the Phillies over at the Phillies Room. He is probably best known for his Chachi set, which is named after his dog and chronicles the last few seasons of the Phills.

Quite honestly, I'd never heard of Bob Dernier before Jim won the Goose Joak contest. Looking at his career, he seems kind of like a John Mabry type player. Mabry was a reserve/utility guy who jumped teams a lot but was always one of my favorites.

Anyway Jim sent me a couple of really high quality scans to work with.

I've been on a roll with Allen & Ginter lately, but can you blame me?

Thanks Jim!


  1. Oh my, no. I'm not sure what similarity Mabry has to Dernier. Dernier played for just two teams and was a fast little centerfielder, stealing over 200 bases in his short career and winning a Gold Glove.

    Mabry has four inches and at least thirty pounds on Dernier, bats left-handed to Dernier's right, had zero speed and did play for a multitude of teams. He also played the corner positions in both the infield and the outfield, mostly because he was no great shakes at any of them.

  2. Thanks Dave - It looks great! I'm looking forward to featuring your creation in a future Phillies Room post. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks Anon, you are right. I think I just saw the low average, career OPS+ of 79 and several tours of duty...and assumed he was like Mabes. The fact that Dernier actually could run the bases definitely puts him in a different category than Mabry, who was once described as the slowest non-catcher in the majors (by Stats, Inc.) Although I will say, Mabry did play a few games in center! And, actually, he was voted the best outfield arm in the American Association the year before he became a big leaguer.

  4. Dave I'd never heard of Dernier either so props on taking a stab at a comparison.


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