Tribute to 2009 Allen & Ginter - Joakim Soria - My own version!

Joakim Soria, Kansas City Royals
Tribute to 2009 Allen and Ginter
by Goose Joak

Yes!! This is the first set of 2009 that I've really been excited about. Well, I take that back -- I've really enjoyed Chachis, Goose Joak Originals, and many of the other custom sets on the web. But as far as main stream releases (i.e. the stuff you have to pay for) this is the first set I'm excited about.

I think these cards are flat out beautiful, and I could hardly care less about the short prints or inserts. I just love the base cards. Here's my own version of Joakim Soria. I'm eager to see how Topps' version compares, if they bothered to make one.

For anyone who wants to do their own, you can get pretty close to the "bumpy" player texture that Topps uses by doing:


I used:

Density 5
Black Level 50
White Level 13

I then upped the brightness and contrast, set as "soft light" at about 50% opacity, and layered it over the original Soria picture. There were a few other steps to get the color levels correct, but more or less that's how you get the texture.


  1. Soria is indeed in this year's A&G set.

  2. Wow! Thanks Night Owl. I guess there is a first time for everything then. This will be his official Allen & Ginter debut.

  3. Great card Dave, and thanks for the shout out!

  4. Thanks Jim!

    I saw the Topps version of Joakim Soria today, and honestly, I do like it. One nuance that jumped out at me about this year is that Topps played with the skin tones, turning most of them into a really reddish hue. I'm also noticing that they really went crazy with the white saturation levels, to the point where their Soria card makes it seem like someone used white out on his eyes.

    I might fiddle with mine a bit to "match" some of these nuances, but at the same time, the Ginter cards aren't even all that consistent with each other. I really believe their card designers are given some liberty to deviate from each other. The A-Rod card (tanning bed, anyone?) looks totally different than the Soria. Then you've got Ryan Braun who looks like he's on fire.

    The consistency was also hit and miss last year, too. I bought a $1.59 pack of '08 last week, and the Joe Blanton I pulled is super pixely and mushy, whereas the Brad Lidge card I pulled is very clear and photo-like, with hardly any "post processing." My Soria above is somewhere in between.

    All that said...Viva Allen and Ginter! Thanks Topps for putting out such an awesome looking card design.

  5. I'm digging the new series and I'm pretty sure there were fireworks when Goose Joak Originals came into existence.

    By the way I have to tip my cap to you on your reluctance to part ways with Mr. Ludwick. He is a streaky little creature.

  6. Niiiiiice!!! I haven't made any '09 A&Gs since I have seen them in person. I look forward to making a few soon. Darn nice background you did there!

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