Tribute to 1997 Collector's Choice - Brad Hawpe

Brad Hawpe, Colorado Rockies
Tribute to 1997 Collector's Choice
by Goose Joak

Who was on your All-Star ballot? Brad Hawpe was on mine. I think he's very deserving.

Unfortunately they don't let you vote for pitchers. So no, I wasn't able to cast a vote for Joakim Soria. Disappointing as usual.

I cast one write in vote this year: Ben Zobrist.

If I were to pick this year's Home Run Derby field, I would really want to see Ichiro do it. He might win. From a raw power perspective, I would want to see Russell Branyan in the lineup. Almost nobody hits them farther.


  1. I bet he was on Mrs. Goose Joak's Ballot too.

    I hope that Kinsler hangs on over Pedroia..Did you know that they were once at the same school? Now that's a pretty good middle infield at the collegiate level.

  2. Yes he was!

    Mark I'm surprised you've give the nod to Kinsler. No hometown love for Pedroia?

    That would be a pretty amazing infield.


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