Tribute to 1997 Collector's Choice - Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart, Colorado Rockies
Tribute to 1997 Collector's Choice
By Goose Joak

One of my favorite memories growing up was busting packs of Collector's Choice.

My family would get a pack or two while on weekend errands, usually at Target. We'd split up the cards in the parking lot, groceries in hand. My brother and I would take turns calling "first on bottom" or "first on top," sometimes letting my dad call it, then moaning or cheering as each player was revealed to us. It's a tradition that continues to this day whenever I open a pack.


  1. Bring back Collector's Choice! I loved this set too.

  2. Haha I love the tradition.

    By the way were you watching Soria tonight...I thought Delmon was going to pull that ball out but he hit it just foul. Hey the stats will show it's a clean save.

  3. Yes I did see Soria pitch, but it was after I saw your comment (thanks Delmon did crush that pitch. I've gotta say, he (Soria) is getting really predictable with that 2 strike Bugs Bunny curve. Not only that, but too many of them are wayyyyyy outside, a foot or more. Usually he locates them well, like the one to Brian Buscher. Either way, his secondary stuff is still good, and he's almost always able to locate his fastball anywhere he wants.

  4. Here the news on Aviles? Not good. Now we get to see a platoon of Pena/Bloomquist/Hernandez for the rest of the season with Maier hitting .230 in center. Not good.

  5. Suddenly the 2009 season of Mike Aviles makes total sense. Silver lining, he should be back and ready to contribute in 2010. As for this season...yeah, you said it. When your #2 pitcher, All-Star closer, promising 3B and starting CF all miss significant time due to injury, it is tough to recover. Especially when you're KC.


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