Tribute to 1993 Donruss - Brad Hawpe

Brad Hawpe, Colorado Rockies
Tribute to 1993 Donruss by Goose Joak

Brad Hawpe is one my wife's two favorite players, the other being Scott Rolen. This is the fourth tribute card I've made of Brad Hawpe. It's the third I've posted though, since I'm posting these out of order sometimes.

We went to see Brad Hawpe in Spring Training this year, but unfortunately Brad didn't play. We saw a lot of Matt Murton instead. Then again, Matt's OK in our book since he flipped a baseball our way.

1993 Donruss brings back a lot of memories. My brother and I probably have complete sets of this several times over. The packs were cheap (about a dollar, I think) and it was fun to collect the inaugural Rockies and Marlins cards.

The design is pretty straight forward, like 1992 Donruss. I like the clean white borders, base-shaped design and tasteful Donruss logo.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. The design is great. Very basic, but doesn't the name "Brad Hawpe" sound like it needs just a basic design to it?

  2. Thank you! I really like it!

  3. 1993 Donruss would be a fun set to go back and try to complete. I haven't checked recently, but I imagine the cost of a box or 2 wouldn't be that unreasonable . . .

    I will keep my feelings on Scott Rolen to myself.

  4. Actually I would love to hear the Philly perspective on Rolen. I know his time there wasn't the most celebrated or anything. Mostly I know him from his Cardinal days. From all I've seen of him, he's a great ballplayer and works his tail off.


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