Giving it everything you've got

David Eckstein, San Diego Padres
by Goose Joak

The luckiest WS MVP of all time. That said, he is a fascinating player to watch.

Eckstein's throws across the diamond require a total body effort. You can tell that from the picture on this card.

I like how his jersey is dirty, too. That's a detail I didn't notice at first but was glad that I captured. It's representative of his athleticism and style of play.

Eckstein has been a SS most of his career. This year, the Padres took mercy on his body and finally made him a 2B. I think this is a much better fit for his current skill set. While Eckstein used to be a pretty good defender for Anaheim back in the day, he has regressed a bit in recent years.

Supposedly Eckstein weighs 170 pounds. Not much for a ballplayer, but he's listed at 5' 6". Does that sound right to you? I'm two inches taller and weigh a decent amount less than that. In an effort to validate, I've been searching for a shirtless picture of Eckstein. Perhaps he's ripped!


  1. dude. put down the trackball and go outside for some air. if you are seriously searching the internet for shirtless pics of david eckstein, it's time for a break.......

  2. Mrs. Joak says: "At least he's not searching for shirtless pictures of Britney Spears!"

  3. I was never a fan of Eckstein... Until he came to the Padres. Seeing him almost every day, you really get an appreciation for the hustle and all-out effort. I am bummed he is on the DL...


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