Tribute to 1992 Upper Deck - Russell "The Muscle" Branyan

In the minors, Russell hit 79 home runs between his age 20 and age 21 seasons.

In the majors, he posted strikeout rates that would have shattered the single season record, had he accumulated 500+ at bats.

After an up and down career, he's FINALLY getting another shot to play full time at age 33, and he's making the most of it.

This is a tribute card to 1992 Upper Deck. 1992 Upper Deck was one of the first factory sets I ever received for Christmas. The set holds up well, and in my opinion, is right at the peak of Upper Deck's golden age (1989-1993).

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Nice card man. I like the dropping the bat picture. Who did he come up to the bigs with originally? I want to say it was the Indians, or maybe the Brewers?

  2. I believe it was with the Indians. And thank you!


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