New Card Designs - Just For Fun

Here's a new card design. What do you think?

Scott Rolen, Blue Jays

Joakim Soria, Royals

Carlos Pena, Rays

Brad Hawpe, Rockies

Why the new design? I am thinking of doing a new card set this summer. It would focus on minor leagues/independent leagues and feature all-original photography. From my perspective, I'd probably focus on Omaha Royals and Lincoln Salt Dogs players. We'll see what comes of this idea. But this design was the first test run.

Here's a plain-Jane version of the Scott Rolen card.


  1. Those look really nice. They remind me a bit of an updated 1987 Topps.

    I'd go with the borderless version.

  2. I like the bordered version better.

  3. Oh no! We need a tie-breaker.

    Thanks for the feedback. They are fun to do.

  4. The bordered version looks nicer to me. (Outside of some Topps Stadium Club designs, I've never been a big fan of borderless cards.)

  5. I liked the bordered version better, but the upper left hand corner might need a little more design to balance the player's face in the bottom right corner. Just a thought

  6. Dave - These look great, and I agree with the majority here. I like the bordered version better. I think it's always nice to see the team's colors featured somewhere on the card.

  7. reminds me a little of some past score sets


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