Tribute to 1992 Topps: Brandon Duckworth

Brandon Duckworth. A great example of a AAAA pitcher. He doesn't thrive at the big league level, but he's good enough to pick up a major league paycheck every now and then.

He doesn't give up a ton of homers -- that's another thing you can say about him.

Good for a spot start every once in a while.


  1. I fondly remember the Duck Pond fan group cheering on Brandon whenever he'd pitch at the Vet.

  2. Let's go ahead and put Daniel Cabrera and Brian Moehler in the AAAA group too.

  3. My favorite AAAA pitcher...Rich Hill. He looked good the other day so there is hope yet!

  4. All great suggestions...I would add LENNY DINARDO.

    AAAA pitchers of the world unite!


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