Opening Day Cards!

How's this for a special treat? Hot off the presses, courtesy of JT @ The Writer's Journey, we have authentic "game stamped" Opening Day cards from today's Mets@Reds matchup! How awesome is that?

Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds
by The Writer's Journey (JT)

Awesome shot of Joey at 1B. Didn't realize he was right-handed until just now. Pretty cool considering he has a reputation as a complete player, including his work with the glove.

Micah Owings, Cincinnati Reds
by The Writer's Journey (JT)

Yes! Instantly my favorite card of Micah Owings, ever. The guy can rake.

Jay Bruce, Cincinnati Reds
by The Writer's Journey (JT)

One of the great up and coming players on the Reds.

Thanks JT -- I really enjoyed these cards! I owe you a curtain call for doing such a great job on these. The rest (yes, there's more!) will be up pretty soon as well, along with the non-Opening Day variants, which will go in the "official" set. These variants (which I may like even more) will proudly take their place in the ever-popular cardboard box cutouts edition.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. It's one of the cool things about making digital cards and having awesome contributors at your side.


  1. Very nice cards indeed! Too bad the Reds wasted a nice pitching performance today.


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