Goose Joak Originals - New Address

I was uploading cards last night and got a fun little message:

Photos per album limit exceeded. Upload failed!

So there is a 500 card limit per gallery, eh?

Problem solved! We'll just divide up the cards a bit.

AL/NL East (Picasa)
AL/NL Central (Picasa)
AL/NL West (Picasa)

These three new galleries replace the old gallery that maxed out at 500 cards. You can still find your favorite team by clicking on the sidebar graphic (shown below)

I also added the cardboard box cutout gallery.

Cheers, and enjoy opening day! Here's a card from Ryan to help celebrate:

Ken Griffey Jr., Seattle Mariners
by Trader Crack's Card Blog (Ryan)

Griffey, smiling, in a Mariners uniform. In a word, perfect. Thanks Ryan!


  1. Cool! The 1st New Mariner's Griffey Jr. card I've seen.


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