The Cardboard Box Concept Cards

Yesterday I came across an empty box of Goose Joak Originals I had been meaning to throw out. In the midst of tossing it, something on the underside of the old cardboard box caught my eye:

A baseball card! And not an ordinary one. It was a rare Curtis Granderson and Al Kaline variant card stuck to the bottom of the box (read: Al-Kaline).

At least that's what I thought at first. Then I realized that it wasn't stuck to the box. It was actually part of the box itself. So I cut it out, just like I used to do with '90 Topps.

It got me to thinking. Were other Goose Joak boxes the same way? Yep, they were. I found a number of other gems. Some were doubles of existing players in the set, and others were variants like World Baseball Classic.

Courtesy of the Hamiltonian:

Courtesy of Therion:

Courtesy of GCRL:

Courtesy of the Hamiltonion:

They're not part of the actual set, per se, but they're very cool nonetheless. I'm glad I noticed them.

Throughout the season I'll be collecting these cardboard box cutouts. At the end of the season (or perhaps the All-Star Break) I'll share all of these on the blog as part of a nice send off to the set.

Thanks for all the passion and creativity everybody!


  1. I still remember the first empty box of 1986 Topps I took from the shelf at our local Wawa to get the cards on the bottom. (I asked the clerk if it was OK if I took it).

    The red tops on these cards using the 1986 Topps design seemed completely wacky after having the black top design burned into my brain. Of course I tried to cut them out of the box, and they are now much less than "Mint" condition.

  2. Good idea my extra Dice-K and Papelbon came from the bottom of a box also...

  3. Jim -- I have never seen those red '86 Topps cards! I'd love to, though. Those would be shocking to say the least.

    Adam -- I'll definitely use the extra Dice-K and Papelbon cards in there. Off hand, I think I have about 40-60 of these cardboard box cards so far. Maybe even more.

  4. ok, so I'm kind of confused. Did you actually print out some cards, put them in packs, and then put them in boxes?

  5. Al Kaline... Alkaline! Hahahaha THAT'S funny! I am pretty sure that kind of humor is why it ended up as a box bottom card. :)

  6. Sorry for the confusion Jeremy! It was all tongue-in-cheek. But it would be pretty cool to do.


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