Here are a couple of quick hits, Paul McCartney style:

Ehren Wassermann, Chicago White Sox
by White Sox Cards

Great card by Steve. I love it!

Eugenio Velez, San Francisco Giants
by Goose Joak

Eugenio does his best impression of Ehren Wassermann!

A few more photos from the trip, too.

Aramis Ramirez:

Kevin Correia:

Needs no introduction:


  1. Yeah. It was an awesome trip, first time I've ever been to ST. Saw three full games (Mariners/Royals, Rockies/Dodgers, Padres/Cubs) and parts of two others (watched Josh Hamilton from outside the Padres stadium, then caught the final four innings of the Royals on Friday night).

  2. Glad I can help! It's nice to see the position players imitate the pitchers! Impressive moves from Eugenio!


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