Tribute to 1993 Spirit of the Game - Jamey Carroll


This Jamey Carroll card is in the style of 1993 Donruss Spirit of the Game.

This photo was from game 163 of the 2007 season. Jamey Carroll had just hit a walk off sacrifice fly to give Colorado a playoff birth over San Diego.


  1. I love it! Can this be a series? Because I suggest using this picture next...

  2. I barely remember those cards. Were they insert cards?

  3. If thehamiltonian is talking about a series of walk off cards that would be really really cool, but probably hard to do.

    Nonetheless you have to love the appreciation for a sacrafice fly. Moonlight Graham would be proud.

  4. The cards were inserts, but pretty easy to pull.

    I think a series of walk off cards is a great idea. The Hamilton is now officially on the docket!

  5. I'm coming up a little short on the Moonlight Graham reference!

  6. Moonlight Graham is from the movie Field of Dreams...he hit a sacrafice fly in his only at bat.

  7. Hey! I'm a huge Freddy Sandoval collector:

    I would love it if you could please make me a Goose Joak of him. I love your work and it looks better than a lot of the base cards UD and Tops are putting out. Please let me know either way. Thanks so much!

  8. Hey, thanks so much for the comment about it on the bolg. Sounds great! I'll keep an eye out for it in your album.

    Thanks again,


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