Goose Joak Originals - Nick Markakis and Friends

Nick Markakis, Baltimore Orioles
by Mark (HookMan)

Phenomenal card! I love poses, and this is a great one. As soon as Mark sent it, I knew I wanted it to lead off my next post.

Here Nick wonders to I going to produce first round value out of the fourth round?

Doubt it? How do these projections look to you (courtesy of FB365):

107R 24 HR 103 RBI 15SB .307 AVG .900 OPS

How about these (courtesy of FB Hot Stove):

107R 26 HR 115 RBI 14SB .306 AVG

It's not a sure thing, but Nick may very well be the 27th best player in fantasy baseball this year.

Koji Uehara, Baltimore Orioles
by Mark (HookMan)

I asked Mark if Koji was going to be the Orioles' 3rd or 4th starter. He said yes, probably, but then admitted they're not sure who their number 2 is going to be. Awesome shot of Koji in early action with the O's.

Mark Hendrickson, Baltimore Orioles
by Mark (HookMan)

Very tall.

You know, does anyone else think of this guy as being in his mid to late twenties? Maybe 30, 31 at most? That's what I thought. But no. Hendrickson turns 35 this year. 35! That's just 1 year and change younger than Pedro Martinez!

Awesome cards Mark!! Thanks!