Goose Joak Originals: Cards and Volunteers are Rolling In

Wow, cards are rolling in by the truckload these days. We're now up to about 400 cards. Again, this is unreal. Probably 300+ of them are available in Picasa, and about 100 have been featured in blog posts.

An updated contributor list is now available here. Just two teams remain unspoken for:
Chicago Cubs
Florida Marlins

Can you believe it? Just two teams?

That said, there may be some opportunities to collaborate on these teams, so don't feel like you're squeezed out if your favorite team is taken. Just let me know.


I started this post Sunday as a way to promote teams without a contributor -- and started with the Marlins and Diamondbacks. I never got through the rest of the teams, as nearly all of them were inquired about.

So what I have left is a post with some Marlins and Diamondbacks. Not what I was planning, but here it is nonetheless!
Just sit back and enjoy some cards.

Note, the
feature card was of Tuffy Gosewisch, Philadelphia Phillies. It was done by Will, who has done some really excellent work.

John Baker, Florida Marlins
by Goose Joak

John Baker is one of my favorite sleepers for 2009. I don't think he will be a superstar, but I think he will be quietly productive without a lot of fanfare.

Last year he hit .299/.392/.447 over 197 AB. Pretty nice OBP, especially for a catcher, right? By comparison, Joe Mauer hit .328/.413/.451 in 536 AB. Obviously Mauer is a better player, but Baker definitely has a claim on Mauer-lite potential. Also, anybody who puts up about .100 points of difference between their AVG and OBP is alright in my book.

But I have been wrong before, as recently as last year with Travis Buck.



Fredi Gonzalez, Florida Marlins
by Goose Joak

Manager acting like a player.

Stephen Drew, Arizona Diamondbacks
by Goose Joak

People seem to really like Drew in 2009. I guess he did slug .502 last year.

Kyler Newby, Arizona Diamondbacks
by Goose Joak

Yeah! Photographs of quad A and unknown Diamondbacks are pretty easy to come by this year.

Rusty Ryal, Arizona Diamondbacks
by Goose Joak

What a great name...I just love it.

Felipe Lopez, Arizona Diamondbacks
by Goose Joak

Felipe played only one game on my fantasy baseball team last year. But it was a doozy of a game down the stretch:

1/3 HR, BB, SB

Chris B. Young, Arizona Diamondbacks
by Goose Joak

Speaking of sleepers who haven't panned out yet...

That said, he was nearly 30/30 in his first full year...but hit .237 and didn't show any patience at the plate. Does he still have the potential to bust loose in 2009?

Bob Melvin, Arizona Diamondbacks
by Goose Joak

Manager...acting like a manager.


  1. Interesting note on Felipe Lopez. He was huge in me winning one of my leagues last year with a team decimated with injuries.

    Also, about Chris B. Young, PECOTA likes him. That system is overall conservative, but thinks he’ll jump his AVG to .268 with a 90-percentile projection of, hold your breath…

    .300/.375/.559, 31 HR, 98 RBI, 26 SB!!!!!

  2. That is an insane projection! Kind of blows my mind. Even the mean projection of .268 seems rather unlikely. I've gotta find out what kind of comps they're using for him. Or rather, I wonder if they're fudging with their models at all. I say this because several years ago they predicted "breakout" and "fail" rates, or something like that, with the implication being that each one respectively represented a +20% increase or -20% decrease in performance year over year. I specifically remember that Zack Greinke's "fail" rate (or whatever they called it) was 0%. Zeeerrrroooo percent.

    Well that year he went from a 3.80 ERA to a 5.80 ERA.

    I poured through their next annual to see if they made mention of this gaffe, but alas, I couldn't find anything.

    That said I really did enjoy that book. I ought to swing out and pick up a copy of their latest annual, especially if Chris B. Young be rocking the projections.

  3. If nobody steps up in the near future for the Cubs spot, I'd like to try my hand at it.

  4. I have created a bunch of Red Sox cards and have a bunch more in que. How do I upload them to the picasa or do I just need to send you the link.

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