My Finest Photoshop Job Ever

It's so real! You just wouldn't be able to tell unless I told you, right?

Ok fine, here's the real thing:

Sorry bomber fans, but it just isn't right seeing him as a Yankee...


  1. It just isn't right seeing his name without periods.

  2. Not bad... but nothing will ever beat my John Smoltz as a Red Sox (Red Sock? what would singular Red Sox player be...).

    Anyhoo, it's about ten times worse than anything Topps pulled on us in the 80s.

    At least you exhibited some photoshop talent with this one.


    Actually, I'd love to have 1% of your photoshop talent... I can't even figure out how to draw circles.

  3. That's the best pic ever! CC deserves to be a Brewer not a Bomber!

  4. Mr. Joak,

    I have had it up to here (hand slightly abobe head) with these gimmick cards! You are making it so difficult to for us Goose Joak Originals set collectors! I have broken 12 cases and have yet to pull even one of the CC-Brewers cards. Let me guess... Beckett pulled this one on their online box break??? You card producers are all the same! Once I complete this set, I WILL NEVER BUY YOUR PRODUCT AGAIN!!! (Unless you send free products...)


  5. He was a Brewer for a couple of months. Get over it.

    It woulda looked better with Chief Wahoo.

  6. Ben -- that's awesome!! I've added it to my list of tribute cards made by other bloggers:

    Mr. Travis -- we have notified the proper authorities and are currently looking into this matter further. Investigators indicate that it may or may not be related to a rare Curtis Granderson/Al Kaline heritage card that was (allegedly) inserted into packs by by a disgruntled assembly line worker. We will stay in front of this story and release details to the public as they become available.

    Mr. Joak


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