Goose Joak Originals: Justin Upton, Jack Wilson, Josh Hamilton

Justin Upton, Arizona Diamondbacks
by Goose Joak

Put up a 107 OPS+ at age 20. Pretty dang impressive.

Jack Wilson, Pittsburgh Pirates
by Card Junkie

One of the longest tenured players in Pittsburgh now has a neat looking card in the Goose Joak set. There are lots of things going on in this photo, but all eyes are on Jack at the plate. Thanks Jeffrey! Great job.

Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers
by Goose Joak

Blue, blue and more blue. But this may be the last you see of it. The Rangers will switch to red uniforms in 2009, hearkening back to the glory days of Johnny Oates and Juan Gonzalez. Which is fine in my book. I think red is a good color for the Rangers.

Hope you enjoy the Hamilton. He's one of my favorite players. I'd like to see him take home some MVP hardware in 2009.