Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Goose Joak Originals: Bucco Day


Brandon Moss, Pittsburgh Pirates
by Card Junkie

Moss has actually had some pretty decent minor league numbers. Maybe he'll make a name for himself this year in Pittsburgh.

Ian Snell, Pittsburgh Pirates
by Card Junkie

Awesome shot of Snell at Wrigley. For Pirate fans everywhere, please turn it around this year Snell! Your rotation needs you.

Matt Capps, Pittsburgh Pirates
by Card Junkie

Certainly better than some of the guys they've been trotting out there to close in recent years. Jose Mesa?

Freddy Sanchez, Pittsburgh Pirates
by Card Junkie

Former batting champ Freddy Sanchez.

Ryan Doumit, Pittsburgh Pirates
by Card Junkie

Ryan Doumit, who signed a multi-year deal with the Pirates. Along with Paul Maholm and Nate McClouth, the Pirates seem to be focusing on their internal talent this year rather than scrounging up retreads. A really good sign for the organizaiton.

Thanks Jeffrey!!


  1. Hey thanks Dave! I'm stoked about the Doumit signing. I hope this is a sign of things to come (keeping our young talent for a change)

  2. No problem, these are great cards. I am hoping you guys turn the corner as well.