I've received some great comments and emails from people in the last few days. Thank you to everybody who has expressed interest and offered to help. The creativity and enthusiasm for this project has been more than I expected.

Also, thanks to Steve from The Sports Card File. You can read what he wrote here. He took it upon himself to get the message in front of autograph collectors, which created quite the wildfire here for a few days. It seemed to stir up even more interest and bring a lot of new people into the project, which I really appreciate. Thanks Steve!

I'm pretty sure that I'm now caught up on emails to everybody. If you haven't heard back, chances are I wasn't able to find your email address. Just give me a holler. You can now email me through my profile page, which I've updated to include an email address.

We are up to nearly 300 cards! Only 83 have been posted on the blog although all of the completed cards can be viewed in Picasa. So obviously I have some posting to do!

Four quick hits for today -- all making their first appearance on the Goose Joak website. And all very impressive. Let's take a look.

Hank Blalock, Texas Rangers
by The Hamiltonian

I love the way this shot is framed. I actually saw this picture on the photo wire before Tricia sent the card and thought "wow, that'd make an awesome baseball card." So I was very happy that it ended up that way!

Absolutely perfect.

Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee Brewers
by Addicted to Wax

Oh my goodness. Seriously, for real? Do I even need to tell you how cool this card is?

Alex Rios, Toronto Blue Jays
by Addicted to Wax

Is this an art gallery or a baseball card blog? This card of Rios is one of my absolute favorites so far. Mike , I'd say that you've outdone yourself, but that would be a lie -- I've seen the rest of your cards too. They're just as good. I think readers here will be very impressed...

Kila Ka'aihue, Kansas City Royals (or should I say Omaha Royals?)
by Andy

What a killer shot of Kila's first big league HR. I love the extension and follow through. And look, you can even see the apostrophe on his jersey!

I'm really convinced this guy is going to be legit if they give him a chance. Then again I thought the same of Billy Butler last year.

So that was just a sampling of four great cards. Many more to come! I wish I had 36 hours in a day so that I could post them as soon as I got them.


  1. Just so you know Dave I am interested in that spot in your keeper league, but I am trying to limit myself to less than 10 leagues this year. I’m actually in a league right now that may disband. We’ll see, I just don’t want my head to explode! If you think we can round up a few people (Me, Mark, Salty from Bullpen Boxscore etc…) and do another league that might be an idea.

  2. Also, I wanted to ask you…Could I use some of your Goose Joak Originals in a few of my articles? I love the Rickie Weeks card!

  3. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the compliments, I really appreciate it! This is an amazing project and I am honored that you have allowed me to be a part of it!


  4. Charlie, you can definitely use Goose Joak Originals in your articles. Thanks for asking!

  5. How in the world did they even shoot that Rickie Weeks shot? Was that from the top of the dome or something?


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