Tribute to 2004 Topps - Bill Buckner

Today we continue along with the Goose Joak Reader Request series.

Featured today is Bill Buckner in the style of 2004 Topps. It was requested by Scott from Green Monster blog, who has done some really outstanding tribute cards of his own.

I like Scott's sense of humor here. The card and player combination are a great choice, seeing as 2004 was a year of redemption for Bill Buckner. There were dozens of pictures from the 1986 World Series I could have used here, but I went with a generic action shot, probably from the regular season. I wanted to portray him in more of an "everyman" light instead of as a World Series goat.

I think it turned out pretty well, and I had a lot of fun making the little sketch graphic in the lower left hand corner. I wasn't too familiar with this set, since I wasn't collecting cards in 2004, but probably bought one pack or two that year for nostalgia's sake. It looks a little familiar to me.

On a side note, Buckner looks pretty cool with that mustache. He and Mattingly probably had the coolest baseball mustaches of the 1980s.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Little known fact Bill Buckner actually finished with over 2,700 career hits. I think the guy catches way too much flack for what happened in 1986. After all, the game was tied when the ball went through his legs. The Sox had already blown the lead in the 9th inning. That game was only game 6, they also failed to win game 7. Poor Buckner doesn't deserve all the blame.

  2. Awesome card! I agree with Schruender - Buckner gets too much blame for 1986. Calvin Schiraldi was as much if not more of a goat than Buckner in that series.

  3. How about a Mustache Tribute Series? Rod Beck, Davey Lopes, Jeff Kent, Keith Hernandez, Sal Fasano, Wade Boggs, Rollie Fingers, etc...

  4. The mustache tribute series would be incredible. Sal Fasano would have to be card #1 in my book!


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