Tribute to 1991 Upper Deck - Pedro Martinez

RE: Pedro Martinez

A polarizing player. One of my favorite pitchers to watch growing up. Loved him for the Expos and Red Sox, but especially the Expos. Was a good pitcher in Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball for SNES. Owned him in many fantasy leagues. Even drafted him last year hoping for a renaissance. Didn't happen, but that's ok. I think his years on the Mets are kind of like straight-to-video Disney sequels*. Painful, but ultimately forgettable and able to be brushed aside.**

Pedro is shown here in a tribute to 1991 Upper Deck. It a Reader Request by Schruender of the excellent Hot Stove Fantasy Baseball Blog. His blog has quickly become a daily visit of mine. If you enjoy fantasy baseball, I highly recommend it. He's counting down the 158 best players in fantasy baseball, in order. His analysis is solid and as of this post he's on #89, Daisuke Matsuzaka.***

It was a fun card to make because I needed to find Pedro pointing to the sky, in Fenway, after a complete game (Schruender's request). Searching the web, I found about five or six pictures to choose from, and this was my favorite. I went with a horizontal card despite the fact that 1991 Upper Deck made the goofiest horizontal cards I have ever seen. They inexplicably just rotated the photo and left all the text and card design the same as a vertical card. So it looks almost like a mistake. Either way, I just thought that a horizontal crop of this photo looked much better than a vertical one. So that was the route I took.

Hope you enjoy the tribute card!

* I'm not sure who did it, or where I saw it, but several years ago I also saw a children's book called "Rudolf Rides Again." Again, utterly forgettable

** Much like the Met seasons of another childhood favorite, Roberto Alomar

*** Schruender, if you're reading this, I hope you plan to keep writing once the season starts


  1. I love his 97 season

  2. Wow. That is awesome. I can't believe you found one of him actually pointing to the sky. Thanks a lot for all the kind words - your blog is a daily read of mine as well. I will continue to write during the season and am looking forward to it!

  3. As you continue to get bigger, I'm thinking this is the card that deserves all the credit. And of course I'm not biased at all!!

    Any thoughts on getting Pedro with the new look cards?

  4. Haha, thanks. Maybe this was the lightbulb moment ;)

    Definitely will look to get Pedro in the new look cards. He needs a team though. Almost surprised the Red Sox aren't calling with the way they're gobbling up DL bound pitchers.

    Maybe a Pedro/Mets card can make an appearance...


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