Tribute to 1990 Topps - Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp is a promising young star for the Dodgers.

At age 23, he is already a productive Major League player. He hits for average, power, draws walks, steals bases at a good success rate and plays some defense. Here are his statistics from 2008:

.290 AVG
.340 OBP
.459 SLG
35 SB at a 76% success rate

But 2009 could really be his breakout year. Look at the progress below:

First half of 2008: 3.25 AB per strikeout, 10.24 AB per XBH
Second half of 2009: 5.47 AB per strikeout, 9.57 AB per XBH

He's cutting down on his strikeouts without a loss in power. And he's doing it quickly. That's a very good sign, Dodger fans!

He is featured here in the style of 1990 Topps, a favorite of Charlie's over at Fantasy Baseball 365.


  1. Dave,
    any way I can get a jpg of the '76 Chipper for use on Waxaholic????

  2. Great work again. I love Kemp going into next year as well.

  3. Nice Kemp card (even if he is too good for 1990 Topps)! I love how I hear rumors of Kemp being traded to the Yankees, etc. The Dodgers would have to be nuts to trade away this guy.

  4. Love the card! Thanks Dave!

  5. whoa! i thought that was a real card for a second


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