Tribute to 1989 Topps - Josh Hamilton

A few weeks ago, I picked up a Steve Avery 1989 Topps RC for two cents. It got me thinking -- how cool is 1989 Topps?

I love the way this set looks. There are so many design elements that I like:

- Thick, white borders. To me, it just looks more like a "real" baseball card with thick white borders. Not a necessity, but preferred. My wife mentioned this once, and I think she's absolutely right.

- A large, easy to read player name, preferably at the bottom of the card.

- Team-themed color schemes. I like these. Not a necessity, but they add balance.

- Poses over action shots. At least most of the time. I even prefer bad poses* to bad action shots**

- An understated design element that ties the set together and gives it a memorable look. For me, '89 Topps has it. It's the Coca-Cola-esque swoosh that Topps incorporated into the team name.

Is it one of the best sets designs ever? Each collector has his or her own opinion. But I'm beginning to think it is!

Hope you enjoy the tribute card!

* seventeen-year-old looking prospect with a bad haircut staring blankly into an imaginary cloud, 70 feet to the left of the photographer (think early Bowman)

** blurry, zoomed in action shot of player popping up to the catcher, face obscured by the follow through of his bat (think Fleer EX-2099-Supreme-Time-Traveling-Pizza-Machine or whatever it was called)


  1. It took 89 Topps a while to grow on me. When it was new I didn't like it nearly as much as 88, and I still like 88 better. But it's become one of my favorites.

  2. The old school look is certainly refreshing. It's like short shorts on basketball players though - remaining stuck in the 80s.

  3. I love the swoosh!

  4. I bought so many of these cards in '89 that I never wanted to see it again (kind of like hearing the same song over and over). It's taken me a long time to appreciate it, but now I like it quite a bit.


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