Tribute to 1981 Donruss - David DeJesus

David DeJesus is a 29 year old outfielder for the Kansas City Royals. He is an above-average hitter with an above-average defensive reputation. Nothing about him screams MVP, but he's a solid player who plays hard and is well-liked by the fans.

He is featured here in a tribute card to 1981 Donruss, the first year Donruss baseball cards (and Fleer baseball cards, for that matter) hit the market. It was the first year Topps had any major competition from another manufacturer. So perhaps appropriately enough, the 1981 Donruss design looks a lot more like old Topps cards than the designs I most associate with Donruss (1985-1993). Perhaps it took them a couple of years to develop their own style! Either way this is a neat, clean card design. I can see why it must have been well received.

The DeJesus tribute card is also part of the Goose Joak Reader Request series, requested by zman40 of the excellent, highly recommended Autographed Cards blog. Hope you enjoy!


  1. It looks great! Thanks. I had some of these for some time and never thought much of them. Then this past year I picked up a box of the stuff and loved opening them. I'm thinking about trying to complete the set. The only problem is that I love getting these cards signed, so it might be counter-productive.

  2. Strange to think that he's already 29...I love his face in this picture. It seems to suggest that he would much rather be on the couch watching tv than at the ballpark.


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