Goose Joak Originals: Scott Rolen, Fernando Martinez, Nate McClouth

Scott Rolen, Toronto Blue Jays
by Val

Scott may or may not make the Hall of Fame someday, but he'll always have my vote. He's injured a lot these days but can still play defense with the best of them.

Thanks to Val for the card. Val, you did a fantastic job! I'm looking forward to more.

Fernando Martinez, New York Mets
by Paul's Random Stuff

Fernando Martinez is all the rage in some Mets circles. Not sure how Paul feels about him, but he did put together an awesome card of him. I love the random Alomar in the foreground. Not sure if it's Sandy Sr. or Sandy Jr. but I'm pretty sure it's not Roberto :)

Thanks Paul!

Nate McClouth, Pittsburgh Pirates
by Card Junkie

The man of the hour in Pittsburgh now that Jason Bay's time has passed. The Pirates are pretty good at collecting undervalued outfielders in the prime of their careers (Brian Giles, Jason Bay, Xavier Nady and now Nate McClouth). Now if they could just do the same with the rest of their team.

Thanks Jeff!


  1. The random Alomar on the Fernando Martinez card is Sandy Sr., who was still the third base coach during spring training last year.

  2. dave
    do you have a template set up for the dodgers? i would like to give a couple pics a try and see if i can do anything worthwhile. let me know.
    jim (gcrl)

  3. Not yet -- I'll put that as next in line though. I usually make a card too when I make a template, just to add to the list, so is there anybody in particular I should exclude (i.e. guys you've got pictures of)?

    Thanks Jim!

  4. Dave,

    Your wife did an awesome job on the Rolen. Thank her for me for going Horizontal to fit in with the rest of the Jays. I even found a horizontal pic for my "special" card.



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