Goose Joak Originals: Rich Hill, Gregor Blanco, Max Scherzer

Rich Hill, Chicago Cubs
by Goose Joak

Rich Hill may not be a Cub for much longer. He's been fighting control issues and apparently the effects of gravity as well (or a really strong wind coming from home plate -- see above). Stay tuned...

Gregor Blanco, Atlanta Braves
by Waxaholic

Is it going to be the fan or player who comes up with this flyball? Great job by Captain Canuck to snag and frame this sweet action shot.

Max Scherzer, Arizona Diamondbacks
by Autographed Cards and Goose Joak

We went back and forth trying to get this in a format that would work for zman's photo editor, but alas, it didn't work. This photo is z's original work. All I did was crop it.


  1. You do know that Hill is on his way to the Orioles. You might have to show off your air brushing skills!

  2. Just put "NOW WITH ORIOLES" on it.

  3. Fleer was the worst offender of this kind, at least in my mind. In 1993 they put a small, strangely colored triangle in one of the corners. Inside the triangle, in size 4.532 font, Fleer put a status update regarding the new team.

    Here is Wade Boggs:

    As a Cardinals team collector at the time I thought these cards were nearly fraudulent.

  4. This is the style I always think of:


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