Goose Joak Originals: Norris Hopper, Adam LaRoche, Ramon Castro

Adam LaRoche, Pittsburgh Pirates
by Card Junkie

My wife and I like to say that LaRoche has the "longegest" swing of any player in baseball. It's that long -- or maybe it just appears that way. Either way he has more follow through in his swing than any player I can ever remember. This is a great shot of him before the follow through, and you can really see him get some extension here. Great work Jeff!

Ramon Castro, New York Mets
by Paul's Random Stuff

Every time I think of Ramon Castro, (which granted, isn't a lot) I can't help but imagine Gary Thorne saying the name out loud. "And up comes Ramon Castro of the Mets." Isn't that sad? And I really have no idea what causes this to happen.

I have another player that jumps to mind -- Jose Vizcaino. I always picture Harry Carry pronouncing it, getting a little hung on up and slurring the "izcai" part of it. And I say that in the most sentimental way possible.

Am I the only one? Or are there players like this for you too?

Great shot of Ramon going the other way on a pitch. Thanks Paul!

Norris Hopper, Cincinnati Reds
by The Writer's Journey

This is an original photo by JT. I immediately thought it was awesome. There's so much to love here, so much swagger going on in this picture, that you'd swear it was Brandon "Taco" Phillips. I love the rumpled up colar, almost like it's tossed to the side. The baggy pants are great, too. This guy has the look -- now we'll see if he can walk the walk in 2009. Awesome work JT!


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