Goose Joak Originals: Joaquin Arias, Jay Bruce and Gavin Floyd

Joaquin Arias, Texas Rangers
by Goose Joak

I've always had a fascination with short, thin ballplayers. I'm not sure Joaquin is much of a prospect, but I'm rooting for him to pick up some big league playing time next year.

Jay Bruce, Cincinnati Reds
by Goose Joak

Now this guy is a prospect! I love this photo of him in front of all the microphones. He looks like a busy man.

Gavin Floyd, Chicago White Sox
by Goose Joak

Generally considered an overachiever last year. That said, he had moments where he was lights out. I used him a couple of times in fantasy baseball last year and will do so again if need be.

Look for contributor cards to start showing up this Wednesday!


  1. Short, thin players. Let's see Joey Gathright comes to mind. Any other Royals?

  2. Dave, can you help me create custom cards. I'm not very good at it and my Photoshop skills are at a minimum. But I'm a quicker learner!

  3. Hey Dave, I need a Vertical Toronto card. I have just one special card that I'm adding to the set that I can't seem to find a horizontal picture for.

    Thanks man!

  4. Short, thin players that come to mind:
    Ozzie Smith
    Andres Blanco
    Rafael Belliard

    I know there are more. I ought to jog my memory and look at some old AAA boxscores!

    Sooz, definitely! Are you thinking of doing some Goose Joak cards or a new design on your own? Let me know what you're thinking and I'd be happy to help.


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