Tribute to 2008 Topps - Joakim Soria

Q: What is a Goose Joak?

A "Goose Joak" is our household term for a dog walk. It is also a play on words with the name Joakim Soria.

Q: How do I pronounce it?

First, say "goose," as in the animal, goose.

Next, say "Joak," as in "Joak"-im Soria the player, or "walk" the dog, appropriately enough.

(If you prefer, you could think "Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash. Or "walk the plank" if you're a pirate. You could even be Joak-im in Memphis. Or Joak-er, Texas Ranger.

If you're an umpire, you could say "Balfour, that's a Joak."*)

Q: Nice puns...?


Q: So why choose Goose Joak as the name of your blog?

For fun, and simply to pay homage to my favorite dog and favorite baseball player.

Q: So why do you call your dog a goose?

If you really want to know how it came to be, I can explain.

Our dog, Minny, is a three year old Shiba Inu who weighs about 13 pounds. We got her from a rescue group in Kansas.

Whenever our dog gets a little crazy, we start referring to her as a goose. This is because she behaves like a goose, squawking about and poking us as though she were a goose.

She especially gets crazy around the time she demands her daily walk.

Inevitably, then, we started referring to dog walks as "goose" walks, since Minny would get all huffy and goosey right before she wanted to go.

My wife is very good at baseball puns, and not long after that, goose walks became goose "joaks” and the rest is history.

The Card

The card featured above is in the style of 2008 Topps, one of my all time favorites. Minny is on the left. Joakim Soria is in the middle. Minny is featured again on the right.

The girl in the card is my wife, a devoted Goose Joaker herself and wonderful caretaker to both of us!

Hope you enjoy the card!

* Someday there will be a post filled will all the bad fantasy baseball team names, songs and puns my wife and I have come up with over the last few years. Sadaharu Oh Snap! Buehlre Bird Gets The Worm! Lidge Over Troubled Water! Please don't ask us to get started.


  1. I've been saying it all wrong!

  2. Ditto. Mystery solved.


    JayBee Anama

  3. Goose "joke" ?

    Goose "jock" ?

    Those where the two phonetically sound guesses my wife and I could come up with :)

  4. We love this dog story. Plus, we like that El Puppo makes two appearances on the card.


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