Tribute to 1990 Upper Deck - Chipper Jones

Up until 1990 Upper Deck, I collected only Ninja Turtle cards and dinosaur cards.

1990 Upper Deck was the breakthrough.

Featured here is Chipper Jones, 3B for the Atlanta Braves and star of my fantasy baseball teams. Chipper is an exceptional player who draws a ton of walks, doesn't strike out much, and hits line drives all over the field. Chipper had a phenomenal 2008, winning his first batting title.

Chipper has a beautiful swing, particularly from the left side. There is a prospect coming up in the Orioles farm system, Matt Wieters, who reminds me a lot of Chipper in this regard.

The 1990 Upper Deck set will always be classic looking to me. I don't thing I'm alone in feeling that way, although I may be a bit more nostalgic for it than most people.

If anything, I wish Upper Deck would take a page from this design and make the player names legible again. In 2008 and 2009 it was/will be hard to read the player names due to the foil stamping.

That said, hope you enjoy the Chipper Jones 1990 Upper Deck tribute!


  1. In my mind, Chipper's gotta be a Hall of Famer. Do you know if anything happens to the value of cards right before they get voted in?

  2. I agree -- I really hope Chipper makes the HOF!

    To your question -- I remember being told as a youngster that players going into the HOF saw a huge boost in value. Some kid's parents actually told me to buy cards of players who were going to make the HOF. But I never really saw this happen for the most part.

    I suppose to some extent there IS more interest in a HOF player around the time of induction than there is, say, one year prior, but whether this really drives any long term value, or even significant, investment-worthy short term value, I'm not sure.

    It seems like the most volatile time in baseball card prices is during a player's rookie year, or before he makes the majors. There are a lot of speculators out there.


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