Tribute to 1990 Bowman - Hanley Ramirez

Here I have featured Marlins SS Hanley Ramirez in the style of 1990 Bowman.

It was somewhat of a mental hurdle to want to juxtapose the two entities, I must say. The card and the player are not a natural fit for each other. Hanley is a dynamic, flashy player. He hits for average and power. He also runs the bases well and is improving on defense.

1990 Bowman is not dynamic, and it is not flashy. It does not hit for average and power. It does not run the bases well and only knows how to DH.

Nevertheless, it's kind of a neat card.


  1. If Homer Simpson could talk about Hanley I think it would sound something like this "Mmm Hanley."

    He's so flashy I hope he doesn't get disinterested with every player on the team being traded.


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