Tribute to 1986 Fleer - Derrek Lee

Derrek Lee is an excellent, reliable first baseman for the Chicago Cubs.

Year in and year out, he's basically a guarantee for 150+ games, 90+ Runs, 90+ RBI, 5+ SB, 20-30 HR and a .280-.320 average. He also draws about 70 BB and has a 50/50 shot at winning a Gold Glove each year.

Since taking over as a regular, he has generally hit about 10%-30% above league average.

Not the kind of numbers that will always get you in the Hall of Fame, but they're definitely reliable, respectable numbers. Workmanlike numbers. Sometimes even worthy of an All-Star nomination or MVP consideration.

The card above is in the style of the 1986 Fleer All-Stars. This is an insert set from the 1986 base set (at least that's what I remember -- but please correct me if I'm wrong on that one).

For the checklist, Fleer chose one All-Star at each position (from each league), as well as one RHSP, one LHSP, and maybe one or two relievers. So the checklist from that year is filled with bona fide All-Stars, the kind that held up over time.

I chose this set design because it is my father-in-law's all time favorite. He's been a collector of cards himself on and off for years and even moonlighted as a dealer for several years back when my wife was in grade school. Through it all, he's been a life-long Cubs fan, a burden I wouldn't wish upon anyone, particularly family.

If memory serves me correctly, D-Lee is his favorite active player. So...favorite player...favorite card design...not a bad combination.

Hope you enjoy the tribute card of Derrek Lee! It is the oldest card design I have used yet (unless you count Topps Heritage).


  1. Great card. I think the All-Star cards were rack or cello pack exclusive inserts (I don't remember which, now.)


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