Thanks! (FB365 and The Hamiltonian)

Thanks to Fantasy Baseball 365 and The Hamiltonian for their recent goodwill towards Goose Joak! Both gave callouts to this blog in the last few days. Much appreciated!

If you're not aware of either blog, I encourage you to check them out.

Fantasy Baseball 365 is an awesome fantasy baseball blog with solid advice. It's a great place for sleepers, prospects and mock drafts. The guy running it, Charlie, has a very good sense of approximating player value. I have linked to his blog regularly in the past and will continue to pump it, especially as we get close to the baseball season! (Also on that note, I should mention the Fantasy Baseball Hot Stove, my other fantasy baseball blog of choice, which added a link to Goose Joak on its sidebar. The owner is also a regular commenter on this website!)

The Hamiltonian is an excellent blog as well, focused on the intersection of baseball cards and one of my new favorite players, Josh Hamilton. He's also done some tribute cards of his own! Very good and highly recommended by G.J.