Tribute to 1993 Fun Pack - Joakim Soria

Upper Deck Fun Pack was a two-year series from 1993 to 1994. Among other things, it featured:

- Stickers
- Cards that glowed in the dark
- Heat sensitive cards
- Cartoon cards
- And more

As a kid, what wasn't there to love?

I got my first Upper Deck Fun Pack from my mom. It was the first day of fifth grade, and after school, I found a couple of these packs waiting for me at home on my bed. I remember being blown away by the cards, particularly the heat sensitive cards.

The card featured above is a "Stars of Tomorrow" subset. I pulled a Tim Salmon of this variety in my Mom's packs. At the time Tim Salmon was well on his way to an AL ROY award, so it was a pretty good pull. As for the card itself, I loved the spotlight effect and the gradient sky, both of which are replicated here (I grabbed the sky from the actual card, but the spotlights are my own recreation).

Again, Joakim Soria is featured on the card because I can't get enough Joakim Soria!