Tribute to 1992 Topps - Chase Utley

Another 1992 Topps card. This one features Chase Utley.

Chase Utley is a small, scrappy player. Usually these kinds of players are overvalued (David Eckstein, Scott Brosius, Bo Hart). Utley actually tends to be undervalued.

According to Win Shares (and other aggregate metrics), Utley was the MVP of the Phillies in 2008. He was also the MVP of the Phillies in 2007 (tied with teammate Jimmy Rollins). He was very close to team MVP the previous two years as well, 2006 and 2005.

In spite of this, he consistently finishes well below his teammates in MVP voting. This year he finished 15th, while teammate Ryan Howard finished 2nd.

Now back to the card itself. I like old Topps cards. The three year run from 1991-1993 was pretty special, in my opinion.

The only thing I would change about 1992 Topps cards is how they put player heads/limbs in front of the colored border. You will notice on my 1992 Topps tributes to Chase Utley and Joakim Soria, I have left heads and limbs behind the colored border. That is probably my only beef with an otherwise beautiful baseball card set.