Tribute to 1992 Pinnacle - Minny and David Ortiz

It's been just a few hours, and I already miss our dog. We had to board her for the holidays.

(Minny, if you get on the Internet while you're gone, comment and let me know what you think of this card. Give it a paw of approval or a growl of displeasure!)

This card is in the style of 1992 Pinnacle. It features Minny and her "idol," David Ortiz. David Ortiz is known around baseball as "Big Papi," but in this household we refer to him as Big Puppy. He is big and burly but also cuddly looking, just like a big puppy would be.

For a long time Big Puppy was probably Minny's favorite player, although she's getting a little tired of the Red Sox. Minny would probably like Big Puppy more if he got traded to another team like the Royals, Cardinals or Blue Jays. She is not a big fan of the Red Sox except for Jed Lowrie.

Hope you enjoy the card, Minny. We'll see you on Sunday! We'll miss you until then.