Tribute to 1991 Donruss - Minny

This is a card of my dog. It is in the style of 1991 Donruss, my all-time favorite set.

1991 Donruss cards were very cheap. I once bought a water damaged pack of 1991 Donruss for under 25 cents.

1991 Donruss cards were easy to find. For example, you could find packs at hobby shops, strip malls and gas stations. You could also find packs at big box retail chains and grocery stores. The water damaged pack, as an example, was purchased at a discount grocery store, the kind where you sack your own groceries.

If I had to rate my top two things about 1991 Donruss, they would be:

1. Cheap
2. Great team logos

I can remember sorting through these cards as a child and thinking that the Milwaukee Brewers and Seattle Mariners probably weren't even real Major League teams.


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