Tribute to 1990 Post - Josh Hamilton

Notice how Josh Hamilton's hat looks airbrushed?

Real Post cards from 1990 were the same way. As my dad explained to me at the time, Post had an MLBPA license, but they did not have an MLB license. So all team logos and graphics had to be airbrushed.

The result was funny. Players like Nolan Ryan and Rickey Henderson looked as though they had donned generic, logoless uniforms straight from the YMCA.

I wonder if Post would have airbrushed away Josh Hamilton's tattoos.

Either way this is a great looking set. The colors around the border of the card give off a proud, patriotic vibe without over overtly trying to. The design is clean, crisp and classic. A personal favorite.


  1. I'm loving these tribute cards, bro. Keep 'em up!

  2. That's awesome! I like to think Post wouldn't have airbrushed the tattoos, but you never know. They might have just added in longer sleeves or something like that.


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