Baseball Logos in 2010

The designers who freshened up Mr. Redlegs...

revamped the Boise Hawks...(dang I love this hat)...

and designed out-of-this-world concepts like the Chupacabras...(the shirt is just $%U@*!)

are going to be doing the new Omaha Royals logo (or whatever they name themselves)!

Just amazing.  I CAN'T wait!  Their garbage can, concept material is better than 95% of what is out there currently.  At least for my tastes.

Plus, they seem like cool guys.

Speaking of those O-Royals, you can vote on the new team name here if you promise to vote for Omaha Royals or Omaha Sodbusters (my Omahabaneros didn't make the cut, though someone's Omahogs did).

The Sodbusters name is just incredible.  And I'm getting myself too amped up thinking about what kind of ridiculously awesome logo we'd end up getting.

Sodbusters people, sodbusters!


  1. We ordered a few of the T-Shirts tonight!

  2. As long as it's not "Omaha Golden Spikes."

  3. Why do you think that the sodbusters name is so great? Why not just stay with the Royals. If you don't remember they tired the change their name to the Omaha Golden Spikes? I faintly remember that because it didn't work at all! Just stick with the Omaha Royals please!

  4. Sodbusters is very original. I like Omaha Royals though. Probably my second or third choice. We'll find out next Monday though!


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