Tribute to the Nationals - 1993 Studio Josh Willingham

Josh Willingham, Washington Nationals
by Goose Joak
Tribute to 1993 Studio

Do you know how hard it is to find a high resolution picture of a Nationals ballcap or jersey? I had no idea! But it was well worth the effort. Per zman's suggestion, I like how it worked out.

After doing this, I can imagine some other cards in the same vein, using classic or historical logos. A Buck O'Neil card with the Kansas City Monarchs logo? How about it?!

The last contemporary team to be represented by a tribute card will be the Minnesota Twins. I'm going to go with Kirby Puckett, per JT's suggestion. Any thoughts on a year/brand? (Edit -- I've got one on the way! But suggestions are always welcome.)

As an aside about the card, I chose Josh Willingham because he is The Sheriff, plain and simple. Also on the short list was Austin Kearns, aka The Locust.


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