Tribute to Matt Wieters - 1993 Fun Pack

Matt Wieters, Baltimore Orioles
Tribute to 1993 Fun Pack
by Goose Joak

The year: 2009. The situation: Matt Wieters eats humble pie just to see what it tastes like. We were lucky enough to capture it on camera.

One of my most memorable packs of all time was a 1993 Fun Pack. My mom got it for me on the first day of school. Silly, but the cards really were fun. Base cards were colorful, and inserts were all over the map (glow in the dark stickers, holograms, cartoons and heat sensitive cards, to name a few). The product only lasted for two years, but I remember it fondly.

My wife says that the card design borrows heavily from Saved by the Bell. I was inclined to disagree, but on further review, I think it's hard to dispute the influence there.


  1. Way to represent a classic set that most people have not heard of

  2. It's very Saved by the Bell-ish. The inserts ARE quite entertaining.

  3. We all ate humble pie on rookies in general this year after what Longoria did in 2008.


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