Fantasy Baseball Results!

It's official! According to Stattracker, team Beso Yogurt has claimed the 2009 Apostles Crede Fantasy Baseball Championship! And by a half point, no less.

Every statistic mattered. One fewer RBI and I would have dropped a half point. One fewer point in OBP and I would have lost. Crazy, huh?

My brother (Cheney) actually lead most of the season. He had the two league MVPs (Mauer and Pujols) plus top 5 Cy Young finishers (Haren and Halladay). I'm not sure how I beat him.

But, to quote Cory Schwartz of the Fantasy 411, it's time for a Yoo-hoo shower! To celebrate, I've crafted a card of Joakim Soria (who else?) in the style of 1992 Post.

Joakim Soria, Kansas City Royals
Tribute to 1992 Post
by Goose Joak

From the start of the season to the end of the season, only two players remained on my roster -- Joakim Soria and Mariano Rivera.

This marks my third win in as many years, and my fifth win in the last seven. To say I'm proud...well, you bet!

Many thanks to everyone in the league for making it so fun, year after year. Also, thanks to Charlie, Schruender and Jon of the various fantasy baseball blogs I frequent (plus the guys like pburke who always made it that much more fun to start Hot Sauce).

Great year, great time.


  1. congrats on the win bud. it took me until late august just to figure out the scoring. ;)

  2. Nice finish! I'd be curious to see a week by week breakdown of the standings. There was a lot of shuffling, and you really charged ahead in the last half of the season.

  3. Nice win, I was able to pull off my first league W this year, in the league I have now run for 5 years, so I was happy as well. Congrats!

  4. Thanks! And congrats Orioles Magic!

    Brian, it was fun having you in the league. Yeah, we do play it a little differently for sure. It hurt you that Chipper had his first down season...ever.

    John, I agree. It was amazing how you kept surging too. For a while you were in the upper 70s, but by the time I got there, you were in the upper 80s.

  5. Nice work Dave! Here's to another great season and more Hot Nolasco Sauce in 2010!

  6. So how frequently have you gone back to the site in the last couple of days even though nothing will change again?

  7. Oh my goodness...I'm not the only one who does that? Hah!


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